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Tiger snake’s high-wire act at Tasmanian farm a social media sensation

A tiger snake’s turn as a tightrope walker on a wire fence at a Tasmanian vineyard has caused a stir on Facebook, with a reptile expert confirming the deadly creatures “are good climbers”.

The deadly snake’s high-wire manoeuvres were caught on camera at the Bangor Vineyard Shed near Dunalley and posted on their Facebook page on Tuesday.

Jumping Rope

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Rhino Calf Meets Snow

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I Bet Jellyfish Are Sad

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day


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Nigel Stanford is a New Zealand musician who creates sound experiments using mechanics and technology. The music video for the title track on his new album, Automatica, was made by two thin orange boys: industrial robots.

Or, well, it looks like it was made by the robots. In fact, the robots aren’t playing the music you can hear — instead, a combination of special effects and sped-up footage was used to make it look like they are. Stanford told The Verge that the video is essentially a performance, although the music was specifically written to sound like something the robots could play.

Behind the scenes: